Copying is not theft

De PacoVila
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This page hosts the score of "Copying is not theft", a song by Nina Paley.

Here is the blog post in which she first published a video with the song.

Here is a PDF rendering and the source code of the LilyPond document I used to typeset the song.

Here is a MIDI rendering of the song, directly from the same lilypond document.

Just in case, here is a PNG rendering of the score at 300dpi. It is also here outside of the wiki.

PNG rendering at 300dpi (click to enlarge)


  • If you like music engraving, give LilyPond a try! It is GPL licensed, free as in freedom and a part of the GNU project. It also gives a very high quality output. Go to the LilyPond website and download a copy for Windows, MacOS or GNU/Linux. It comes with a comprehensive documentation and tutorials.
  • Spanish version